5 Ways to Purpose Your Storage Basket

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5 Ways to Purpose Your Storage Basket

There are so many ways to style your multi-use storage basket. From laundry to toys, here are a few of our favorite ways to use decorative baskets! 

1. Laundry Basket

Dirty laundry gets a bad rap. It piles up, it sits around (sometimes longer than we like) and it never ends. The best part about our baskets, they look best overflowing and plump full! There has never been a better way to toss your laundry in a hamper basket. The XL size also makes it easy to give yourself a few days between washes. ;)

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 2. Blanket Basket

Who doesn’t love a big pile of blankets and throw pillows. A big fluffy, comfortable piece of furniture calls and there is no denying. Everlove blanket baskets are the perfect way to decoratively store your on demand pillow and blanket stock!


3. Plant Basket

With more people spending time at home there seems to be an influx of bringing the outside in. Indoor plants like succulents really started trending in 2020 and you can plan to see more of that in 2021. Our handmade rope storage baskets are the perfect way to showcase indoor plants and trees.


4. Toy Basket 

It seems every child and pet has an endless amount of stuffed animals and toys. Most of the time these items are not easily stored. Everlove storage baskets are made of natural and renewable material with no harsh chemicals, plastics or harmful toxins making them the perfect way to store your baby and fur baby’s favorites! 

 baby basket blanket toy storage laundry baskets farmhouse decor style trends

5. Towel Baskets

Have a spare bathroom with limited storage space? Repurpose your basket for towels and cloths. The 100% cotton material is the perfect fabric for damp or dry surroundings! Excellent for clean storage or damp towels after use. 

The options are endless when it comes to multi-use storage baskets. They are universal to fit any room and decor style. The size is large enough to fit your needs but small enough that your basket will not take up a ton of space. If you have any questions about baskets, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help and direct you! What is your favorite way to purpose your storage basket? 

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