Home Decor Ideas for the New Year - Easy Interior Design

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Home Decor Ideas for the New Year - Easy Interior Design

Looking for a room refresh? Let’s talk about home decor trends for this year as 2021 invites in new home styles. 

People are spending more time at home now than ever before. This has home design and redecorating at an all time high! Whether you want to commit to a complete remodel or just a few new pieces to spice up and update a space, this year gives us plenty of options to incorporate. 

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Rooted in sustainability, people are seeking more vintage and natural fabrics and furniture. Consumers are decorating with consciousness in mind using multifunctional materials and furniture. Repurposed and updated goods will continue to be on the rise. It’s not only natural material that will be trending but also colors. Think earthones, browns, greys, soft oranges and yellows and greens. Including the newly released colors of the year

  • Check your local thrift shop for vintage fixtures like lamps or barstools.
  • Source chairs or tables or bar carts made from natural material like wood or metal.
  • Storage shortage? Shop our 100% natural and renewable cotton, multi- use baskets!
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Timeless can never go out of style! This year will be putting some life like back into the 18th and 19th century home trends. We will see this is bold patterns, artwork and antiques. With this in mind, we will see some brighter pops of color among the earth tones. 

  • Use a peel and stick wallpaper to add a bold pattern to any accent wall.
  • Shop online and local antique stores for aged artwork and statement pieces - or ask your grandma. Seriously. 
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Distance work and learning has made multi-purposes spaces a must have in most homes. Many kitchens and bedrooms are now becoming classrooms and offices. Dont fear multipurpose and snug spaces. When done right they can be inviting and cozy! 

  • Mix monochromatic textures and soft fabrics to create an inviting spaces. 
  • Use fresh, firm lines in any study space to encourage ideas and artwork for creativity.
outdoor landscape patio global influence easy DIY home decor design house project update modern farmhouse cottage core rustic vogue contemporary country vintage sustainable plants garden


The inability to travel has brought new design to the home this year. We will see a lot of inspiration from nature. Wicker and rattan will continue to rise in popularity. Safari prints and calming ocean tones will make a splash on homes too. 

  • Incorporate plants! Whether you want to opt for fake or real is up to you, but house plants have never been more chic. 
  • Invest in your outdoor space. Create an outdoor sanctuary on a patio or grow and maintain a garden. 

Sometimes a need vintage piece or a splash of new paint (or peel and stick wallpaper) is all a room needs to refresh. Don’t overthink it and have some fun integrating these new 2021 home decor trends. Functional and appealing revisions to any room are always worth it!

Any other ideas? We love inquiring minds - send us an email! We'd love to chat, expand or further write about any idea you have. 

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