Home Decor Items Worth Splurging On

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Home [Decor] Items worth Splurging On 

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It’s hard to know where to “cut corners” when it comes to decorating your home. Here are the top items in home decor worth splurging on! 

There is only one rule, the golden rule, when it comes to decorating your home and it is “live with what you love.” Anything in your home you’re not crazy about? Don’t hesitate to get rid of it. Contrary to popular belief homes are not meant for show but for nourishment. This is where we spend our time, sleep, grow, raise and love our families. Nobody see’s your home as much as you do, so it’s important you love it, not everybody else. 

Moving, redecorating, rearranging any and all of it has some of us looking for a new piece for this or that. With more people spending time at home the priority of filling your home with things you love is increasingly important. In fact, it’s better to have an empty space than to fill it with, well, a filler. Here are a few places were splurging can make sense!

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Lighting is basically a form of artwork that sits on a side table, desk, or hangs from your ceiling. It is also something that [typically] does not get replaced often.Light fixtures LITERALLY bring light to whatever you are focusing on in a space. Do not feel guilty for splurging a little on something that allows you to complete your tasks. Anything that is suspended and hanging from your ceiling is basically a centerpiece. It is there to be noticed. We should note that it is important to shop around because many times you can find a very similar item (that you may even like more) at les of an expense. Just know that if you shop around and you’re not finding anything you love at a lower price, it’s OK to splurge here! 

home interior decor items to splurge on real simple better homes and gardens good housekeeping storage baskets


A restful night sleep is crucial for not only survival, but thrival! (Is that even a word?!) The average person sleeps for an entire THIRD of their life. That’s a lot of time to spend half unconscious but for that reason, it’s important to splurge on it! Many mattresses even have a money back option before so many days expire - so make sure you check out that option as you’re shopping around to find the right fit! As far as bedroom sets go, because your mattress lives here, make sure you to splurge on something you love because you’re going to spend a lot of time looking (or not I suppose since you’re sleeping) at it! 

SHEETS - but priority PILLOWCASE

The pillowcase takes priority here because your face and your hair are typically what people look at. Not that we’re vain over here but it’s nice to feel a little good about yourself! Satin pillowcases are ideal for hair and skin as they don’t rob you of moisture where other pillowcases like cotton can. Comfortable sheets are a must as well for all the same reasons mattresses are. We spend WAY too much time on them to not care about a quality set!

home interior decor items to splurge on real simple better homes and gardens good housekeeping baskets storage


If you have ever bought a cheap couch you know why this is on here. Cushions are flat by month 4 or 5. No shape to them and they’re sliding all over the place. And like I said before, you’re probably using this piece a furniture a tad more than previous years now, so make sure your low key obsessed with it and find it a place to truly enjoy. If that means splurge, splurge! 

home interior decor items to splurge on real simple good housekeeping better home and garden storage basket


We are talking about focal point pieces here. This is meant to capture attention and stand out and for that reason, it’s ok to splurge a little. I have found places like ETSY offer things I absolutely love and it isn’t even all that expensive! But if you happen to be shopping and come across a more expensive wall piece, don’t hesitate to spend the few extra bucks! After all, you are purchasing it to make a statement! 

Is there anything else you would add to this list? Of course different people will have differing views on what is more important so splurge on. So what do you think, did we miss anything? Regardless, when it comes to your home, make sure YOU love it. Style and taste are all relative, you do you!

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