How To Shape and Style Your Storage Basket

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How To Shape and Style Your Storage Basket: 

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Ever wonder how we “effortlessly” style our baskets for such nice photos? Let us fill you in on how to shape and style your storage basket! 

We have started including these instructions with our baskets because we get asked this so often! However, some of the baskets made before now, get shipped without them. We thought highlighting them on our blog would be beneficial for reference of our baskets or any other baskets you may have! Here is how to shape, restructure and style your basket! 

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Using your basket for laundry is one thing. Not much for styling there! However, you still have to shape it! This all applies to using it anywhere where it may not be plump full. Think entryways and foyers, nurseries, kids’ rooms, and laundry spaces. 


Your basket will arrive folded neatly and tied with a bow! In case you’re thinking of giving one of these baskets for a gift and shipping directly, we’ve got you covered!

  • Take off the ribbon
  • Unfold your basket 
    • There will be creases right away - this is the importance of stuffing it full overnight
  • Grab a handful of blankets and or towels and start tightly stuffing your basket 
  • Start on the outer edge and moving inward and stack in layers 
    • Continue until you reach the top of the basket
  • Allow your basket to sit plump full overnight
  • Your basket will be ready for use by morning 

After allowing your basket to take shape overnight, it will free stand even while empty! You can now use it for children’s or pet toys, stuffed animals, laundry, blankets, pillows, shoes, exercise accessories, etc. 

stuffed animal pet kids toy storage basket easy simple natural home decor interior design better homes and gardens real simple good housekeeping STYLING:

Now comes the fun part, styling your basket! This part is fairly easy, and for good reason… it doesn’t stay styled for long. Blankets and pillows are always being used, toys are always being pulled out, you get it. For this exact reason, we make it easy to style. 

  • Stuff the bottom of the basket with your biggest items- like your shaping it
    • Refer to step number 4 in shaping your basket - make sure it’s tight! 
  • Place a throw pillow or stuffed animal on top - peeking out of the basket 
  • Position the corner of a throw or baby blanket spilling over the edge of the basket
  • That’s it! You have successfully “styled” your basket 
  • This works for laundry too ;) 
Storage basket throw pillows blankets laundry durable easy washable large extra home decor simple

Overflowing laundry has never looked so good! Speaking of, our baskets are extra large in size and hold 2 full loads of laundry! They feature strong flexible handles so carrying a heavy, overfilled basket is easy. Everlove baskets are also machine washable themselves. We recommend using the delicate/hand wash cycle and cold water. 

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  • Such great tips!! I’ve used blanket ladders for years, but they kept scratching my wood floors..? After getting my floors refinished for a second time I decided I needed a better storage alternative. I LOVE the look of your baskets, and I can’t wait to style my own!

    Evelyn Paul on

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