Pantone Color of the Year 2021

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Pantone Color of the Year 2021

Have you heard Pantone released 2 colors of the year? We are here to share with you some easy ways to incorporate the TWO Pantone colors of the year! 


We get the best of both worlds in 2021 with a nice neutral and a pop of color. Pantone released both Ultimate grey and Illuminating as colors to incorporate for 2021. Ultimate grey, described as “solid and dependable” paired with Illuminating “bright and cheerful” are the perfect pair to any home decor and design. 


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It’s a lot easier to incorporate a neutral color like grey vs. a bright yellow. Pantone’s Ultimate grey has been taking over kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms for a few years now but it’s the pair that takes the cake. One of our favorite ways to see yellow incorporated is in simple fixtures like lamps, curtains and rods! 

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You might not want to start painting the town yellow, but an accent wall or front door can have a very elegant look when paired correctly. If you are looking to add a statement wall to your home, this is the perfect pair and year to take on that project! 

pantone 2021 color of the year good housekeeping home and garden decor design trends remodel project paint farmhouse style mid century modern vintage sustainableFURNITURE

Does your home rock all the neutrals right now? Earth tones are in high demand as a 2021 trend and these two Pantone colors will fit right in. Illuminating yellow will definitely add a little bit of cheer to any room by a simple addition of any chair, sofa or barstool! 


Don’t want to commit to a piece of furniture or paint? Throw pillows and blankets are an easy way to give your room a face-lift and a little pop of color. Another easy way to avoid a commitment to yellow, incorporate a vase or flowers! 

We are really excited about this year and the new colors and design styles. We hope to integrate these trends into some product launches this year. Many of our current styles are SOLD out and are selling quickly. SHOP NOW to snag your favorite before it’s out of stock! Curious on how to style what’s left? Read our favorite ways to purpose your decorative storage basket!

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