Stylish Storage Solutions

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Stylish Storage Solutions

When we found out “Stylish Storage” was trending, well you know we had to write about it! Our favorite stylish storage ideas have come from our customers & we want to highlight them! 

We have had so much support from you all and we cannot ever say thank you enough. Every photo you share and every message you send means so much to us and we thank you with every bit of our being. We want to use your photos as inspiration and show how you all have styled Everlove because to be completely honest, you guys are fantastic. If you can stylishly store dog toys I’m convinced you are capable of anything else. You are all Chip and Joanna Gaines to us. ;) 


home interior decor items to splurge on real simple good housekeeping better home and garden storage basket home interior decor items to splurge on real simple good housekeeping better home and garden storage basket home interior decor items to splurge on real simple good housekeeping better home and garden storage basket

From bathrooms to home office you have perfected the look of floating shelves. After spending some time decorating shelves myself and reviewing customer photos I have gathered some tips that collectively bring a shelf look together and some photo proof along with it! First and foremost, I have come to the realization that floating shelves are the adult form of artwork on the fridge as a child. The best items go there. Only your favorites. Lead with that. Follow the rest of these tidbits for the best flowing feng shui. 

  • Install at eye level. If you have multiple place above and/or below
  • Have one major item as the main focus and slightly off center it
  • Add additional items around it or varying heights 
  • Keep the color scheme clean and similar while adding a pop of color in one or two items
  • Use items in horizontal and vertical ways (ie books) to keep things cohesive


stylish storage solutions laundry hamper basket light cotton renewable natural organic sustainable clothes interior design  stylish storage basket solutions laundry hamper toy room kids children storage organic natural sustainable durable long lasting large XL laundry hamper basket stylish storage cotton natural organic lightweight heavy duty durable long lasting large XL

Not much to say here besides an Everlove storage basket sure can make a pile of dirty laundry look good. You can imagine, we don’t get many customer review photos of our baskets being used as hampers, probably for good reason. We do however enjoy that your pets love them when you use a stylish storage basket as a laundry hamper. 


blanket basket storage stylish laundry hamper durable large XL long lasting 2 loads of laundry organic natural sustainable home decor how to style storage basket kids room storage blanket throw pillow easy interior design farmhouse modern contemporary laundry  stylish storage solutions basket hamper laundry pillow throw blankets lightweight durable long lasting organic natural renewable cotton soft

The photos pour in on this one and we love to see it. You have the BEST designed interior to match the stylish storage baskets you buy! We’ve always known our baskets are HUGE but your photos prove they are almost limitless. So many blankets and so many pillows can be placed into one single basket. We do suggest upon receiving your basket you fill it snug with blankets or towels for a couple of days to regain the shape! This allows for a sturdy basket that can still stand without having item inside of it. You can read more about this and other related questions on our FAQ page or more on how to style your storage basket


nursery kid room play area children stuffed animal storage basket laundry hamper easy lightweight durable heavy duty organic natural cotton soft long lasting  kids toy storage basket hamper nursery childrens bedroom play area large XL cute fun lightweight durable kids room toy storage stuffed animals basket storage XL large soft cotton organic sustainable interior design home decor

When it comes to decorating a nursery, child's room or toy room, sometimes stylish storage can be hard. Most storage bins are clear and not fun to look at OR they are decorative but not durable! Anyone else have a child who will absolutely destroy anything that isn’t indestructible? Yeah, me too. Good news is my baskets have yet to be destroyed! We love to see the softness of our pastel and bright baskets in kids room and nurseries. 


storage baskets bins stylish easy interior design home decor fun organic sustainable cotton soft light weight durable XL large stuffed animals laundry toys blankets throw pillows  plant basket stylish storage easy light weight durable laundry hamper long lasting large XL soft organic sustainable natural cotton  laundry hamper storage basket easy light weight home decor interior design soft organic natural renewable cotton large XL

There is no such thing as too many baskets. And we have got a LOT of them ;) Whether you are pairing them together for the same or different purposes, you know how to do it. From plants to pillows, you’ve got the pairing thing down and we are here for it! Baskets of the same and varying size are so complementary to one another. 


easy stylish storage home decor interior design home decor interior design good housekeeping real simple better homes and garden  stylish storage basket easy light weight blankets pillows toys stuffed animals play area nursery kids room entry way home decor interior design better homes and garden real simple good housekeeping home storage stylish solutions basket laundry hamper soft home decor interior design organic natural sustainable cotton large XL real simple good house keeping better homes and garden

So many shoes! We’ve also got workout and exercise equiment, yoga mats and towels. Winter gear that transitions to summer gear. (If you’ve got kids - you KNOW this one. Sunglasses, coats, mittens, hats, sunscreen, baseball caps, you get it, you FEEL it.) 

No matter how you are using your basket for, we’d love to see it! You can share it with us through our contact page or email us. Follow us on Instagram @everlovecreations and find us on Facebook

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