Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Housewarming gift ideas

It’s not always easy shopping for a housewarming gift. Here are some easy go-to useful housewarming gift ideas to help you welcome and encourage any new homeowner that will turn your friends’ or new neighbors’ house into a home. 

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PALMS, PSALMS & PROSECCO   -@palmspsalmsprosecco

This shop offers great boutique home items that will make you feel right at home, even if it’s among stacked boxes! We particularly love their candles and wax melts, made of natural soy and in recyclable packaging. They also make the cutest keychains to adorn new house keys and tea towels that are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor. Don’t forget to include one of their many greeting cards in your housewarming gift! 

CAPTIONS TO ENCOURAGE   -@captionstoencourage

Captions to Encourage has really great home decor artwork that would make an excellent housewarming gift. She designs all of the pieces herself and can create customizable pieces to welcome any new homeowner into their space. We recommend checking out her greeting cards and 8x10 personalized prints! They are sure to encourage any homeowner in their new investment. 

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EVERLOVE CREATIONS   -@everlovecreations

Do you think we could write a blog about housewarming gifts and not include ourselves?! We can confidently suggest our products as phenomenal housewarming gifts knowing our baskets are made with 100% natural and renewable cotton, making them safe for the entire family. They are also quality HANDMADE and not machinery made which makes them long-lasting! After all, everyone needs an easy and decorative way to store laundry or throw blankets and pillows. There is a reason it is called the most universal basket, the possibilities are endless! We also carry floating shelves that are made without MDF. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our products or SHOP NOW! 


I cannot think of a much better gift idea than a plant! Plants give life to any space. There are so many benefits to having plants in your home. Not only do they boost your mood but also creativity. Plants also purify the air by producing oxygen and absorbing toxins. A nice pop of color and purity is always a nice gift to give. If you’re worried about the maintenance of a plant, opt for something easy. Snake plants need indirect light and water about once a month and ZZ plants are very dry tolerant and require low light. Keep in mind The Plant Bar Co can only ship if the weather is above 50 degrees, so if you’re outside of metro Minneapolis, you’ll have to wait until spring! 

Housewarming gifts don’t have to be a difficult task. Any home decor piece that will simplify or encourage will be a great addition to a new home! If you’re not feeling any of the ideas above, you can always opt for wine! Nobody disagrees with wine :) 

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  • Cozy slippers, a nice set of bath towels, or a comfy throw blanket are all great gifts that are sure to be appreciated. If you’re feeling creative, you could also put together a housewarming basket with all the essentials, including a candle, a plant, and some nice soaps.

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