What is TRENDING - Home 2021

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What is TRENDING - Home 2021 

As we head into spring the 2021 home trends are becoming ever-present. Here are the TOP home trends for 2021.

We are blooming into spring already which seems hard to believe. It feels like we just turned into the new year! Winter is not our favorite season to begin some home overhauls and in colder areas of the country, we are almost forced to wait until spring buds its fruitful head. When spring comes we are ready to clean, declutter and create some new spaces. 

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Your home should have no wasted space. If there is currently an area that you don’t utilize, turn it into a space you love and will use! The most unused space in any home tends to be the dining room if you even have one. With multiple people working out of the home, this can sometimes double as a second office area. If you have an office space, turn your dining space into an area you love. That way, you’re more likely to utilize it. Would you appreciate it more if you invested in a new table or comfortable seating? Maybe a nice centerpiece to admire? It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference! 

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One of the easiest changes and updates you can make in a home is fresh paint. The trend of statement walls or peel and stick wallpaper makes this incredibly easy. The investment is small when you’re only utilizing one wall. You can also easily incorporate this in the kitchen by creating a statement island, again with little effort. 


If you missed the Pantone color of the year - be sure you check it out! We are having fun incorporating TWO colors this year. They make the perfect pair with a neutral and bright SPRING-like color. You can utilize these in fresh paint or statement pieces. Our favorite way to integrate them is by buying or recreating a small piece or two for shelving units for display. 

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It’s true. Blush tones are now considered neutral! Feel free to incorporate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. We have been seeing this trend merged into another hot trend, durable fabrics. With more people using furniture, we’re in need of some quality textiles. Think throw pillows and blankets, throw rugs, sheer curtains, and patio furniture. Durable is necessary for anything that wears well and can be washed multiple times. 

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Indoor plants have been growing in popularity in the last few years but we will see an increase in edible gardens and plants. Indoor herbs are an ideal addition to any kitchen for food and drink and vegetable gardens are a necessity for almost any meal you create. These plants and herbs come in a variety of sizes so you’re able to incorporate what works for you whether you are an individual or family. 

Remember, you can take in all the tips and trends you want BUT YOU MUST LOVE YOUR OWN SPACE! Don't feel the need to go all out (but here are a few times you should!) If you don’t love it, there’s no sense or purpose to it. Design a space you enjoy living in that makes sense for your lifestyle. Feel free to pick and choose anything that fits you and leave out what doesn’t!

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