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Material: Made with top-quality 100% natural cotton, our extra large and stylish laundry hamper is a modern and practical solution to better home storage. What makes the best laundry basket? The perfect basket in our eyes is one that is affordable, durable, and effective for you.

Eco-Friendly: Which laundry basket is the best... an eco-friendly one. Our stylish Extra Large Laundry Hamper is woven with natural and renewable 100% cotton. There are No plastics. No harsh chemicals. Our basket is soft and safe for kids.

Best Value: More durable, zero plastic and better value than our competitors. One of our Cotton Rope Baskets can store up to 2 loads of laundry and last 3-5 years. Our rope basket is the perfect solution to trendy home decor.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your happiness is our satisfaction. We go to great lengths in designing these Blanket baskets and stand by our product 100%. We offer a money back guarantee if anything is wrong. Please note that our living room basket comes folded for shipping purposes. Follow the instructions inside the package on how to regain the shape of the basket!

Great for all of your storage like:

  • Toy Storage
  • Pillow Storage 
  • Dog Toy Storage
  • Laundry Storage
  • Cloth storage basket
  • Blanket storage basket
  • Towel Basket

Common Questions:

1)Can you wash a laundry basket or clean it? 

Yes our baskets can be machine washed if you do it carefully and keep an eye on it. Use front loading machine, hand wash cycle, warm wash, and cold rinse.

2)Where to buy a laundry basket?

We sell our Laundry baskets here on our website, on, Etsy, Wayfair, and more.

3)How tall is our Laundry Hamper?

Our Laundry Hampers are 18 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

4)How many laundry baskets do you need?

This of course depends on what purpose you plan to use them for. Our Laundry Baskets are XXL so they can fit 2 loads of laundry minimum when filled.